We're a small team who pack a big punch.

We don’t settle our differences with fisticuffs (honest!) but our discipline and passion for what we do is akin to that of a top-flight boxer. When we put our minds to anything, we give it the full 100%.

For over 10 years we have been delivering highly creative design, development & online advertising. Building clean, unique, usable web and mobile apps for some amazing clients.

Originating in the games industry, Biff's mission was to revolutionise the staid and tired online banner output favoured by many in the industry at the time, and to be at the forefront of online technology and creativity to design and develop better, brighter, and bolder user experiences, helping market and deliver our clients' businesses well into the future. Our greatest success is that over a decade on, this mission statement is as true today as it was in 2008.

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An extremely agile team
who are we?

An extremely agile team

Biff’s strength is in our versatility. As a team, we are fast and reactive, able to turn around projects with speed and accuracy. Each one of us has crossover skills to help tackle the projects with a full complement whichever stage it’s in. And our use of the Agile ‘Scrum’ project management method helps us to maintain that focus and produce results so that you are with us during development all the way through.

Results driven by creativity
who are we?

Results driven by creativity

From the visual ingenuity of our designers and developers, to our linguistic trickery and forward-thinking approach to the future of your project, our success is generated by our creative ethos and energetic drive for innovation. Biff don’t just churn out templates. Where’s the fun in that? All of our work is started from a clean sheet to give you your individual edge from our individual approach.

Working Together

We don’t just work for our clients, we work with them.

It's good to talk

Before we start anything, we like to get to know you. We find it works best when we have a proper conversation – not just emails to-and-fro – to reassure you that your request is both safe in hand and being realised precisely how you envisage. This is the first step on our journey together, so isn’t it good to know who you’re going to be travelling with?

Let's have some fun

The production of your request is where we really get to play. As we work our way through every stage of design and development, we work through it hand-in-hand with you. Our use of the Scrum methodology means that not only can we get on with the tasks that matter, but you can see every part appear fully-realised before your eyes, even playing yourself as you go, and we even ensure you have visibility of its progress throughout the project.

Enjoy the results

Once the work is done, and you get to enjoy the benefits of a job well done, we like to make sure it stays that way, enjoyable. We provide a one month support FOC to iron out any problems (not that there are any!) once live, and we also offer ongoing maintenance options to suit all requirements. Please let us know if this is of interest.

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Let's work together.