Welcome to Biff 2.0!

By in General

Like a Delorean without a plutonium source it’s taken us a while, but, “Great Scott”, its finally here! Thats right, we have an all new website… Biff 2.0.

We’ve all been so busy over the last 2 years, grafting on all manner of interesting and exciting projects, it’s proven almost impossible to set aside the time to produce a new website – with all the associated content and case studies.

We wanted to create something clean and simple which would allow us to put the focus on all of the amazing projects we’ve worked on over the years. In the interests of time and efficiency for the team, we took the decision to base the site on a WordPress backend which would then allow us to focus on the presentation of the content.

Olaf Siebert – Technical Director

Be sure to check out the ‘Work’ section where we’ve spent a huge amount of time trawling through our archives to piece together detailed case studies of the most interesting projects we’ve worked on over the last few years.


Take a look at the ‘About us’ section to find out exactly what the amazing Biff team can do for you, then why not drop us a line… we love to hear from cool, creative people!