Diabetic Foot Screening Apps

The Brief


Create an app designed to specifically help people at risk of developing foot health problems associated with diabetes, keep track of their scheduled foot screening appointments, and also provide detailed and accurate foot health advice and guidance to prevent any existing problems from escalating.

Secondly, develop an app specifically for Health Care Professionals who would be responsible for carrying out diabetic foot screenings with patients. Provide an easy to use digital version of the foot screening assessment form to make the process much simpler to carry out.

The Solution


Diabetic Foot Screening App – For People

The most vital feature of this app is for patients to be able to keep track of their extremely important diabetic foot screening appointments. We created a calendar system for people to input their next appointment, and a reminder system which sends a notification 1 week and 24 hours before the appointment, designed to ensure they don’t miss it. After each appointment, the next time the patient opens the app they are asked to update their risk level, which they would have been informed of at their last appointment. If the level has changed we are able to update the advice and information presented within the app, so they are always in the best position to care for their feet.

The informational sections of the app were developed very closely with numerous prominent organisations in the field of Diabetes. The content had to be extremely focused towards the 3 different levels of diabetic feet so patients were getting the correct advise on how to deal with their particular level of foot health. We decided to keep the amounts of written advice to a minimum and instead use informational videos, which are much easier to understand than large amounts of intimidating medical language.

Diabetic Foot Screening App – For Health Care Professionals

The main focus of the app was to provide an easy to use digital version of the Foot Screening Assessment Form, which up until now had to be filled out by hand. As such we translated the form into a simple, step-based form which HCPs could fill out within the app as they carried out the screening; we provided video guides to explain how certain intricate parts of the screening should be performed; then allowed the HCP to download or email a copy of the completed pdf form.

The informational sections are the same on the HCP app as the patient one but the content has been slightly adjusted to more of a teaching aid to the HCPs. There is a dedicated section where we provide information for HCPs on just how diabetes can affect the feet in people of all risk levels: low; moderate; and high. Plus we created an in-depth video guide on how to conduct a foot screening, including all the specialized techniques the HCP needs to perform during the assessment.

We also created a quiz for HCPs, which they could take at any time, which presented them with 10 random questions, from a pool of 50, and tests them on everything within the app in terms of treating diabetic feet problems.

The apps hit both Apple and Google’s app stores in November of 2016 and have been extremely well received by Health Care Professionals and patients alike. Check out the promo video below…

  • “Biff’s commitment to quality and their ability to work with other suppliers, professional colleagues of all grades as well as patients and members of the public was outstanding. This enabled us to deliver an app that has proven to be a great success.”

    Matthew FitzpatrickProvost College of Podiatry