Eagle Vision London

The Brief


Create a promotional website for the release of the video game Assassins Creed Syndicate which is highly creative and ties in with the games unique features and themed around Victorian London.

The Solution


One of the games most iconic features is ‘Eagle Vision’ where the player can temporarily take on the vision of an eagle and can see things from extreme distance. We decided to utilize this feature to bring alive the city of London from the skies.

Our vision was to show fans the in-game Victorian era using modern day London as the vehicle. We started by creating a stunning 3D map of London entirely in WebGL, which would act as the sites navigation system, and be a beautiful attention-grabbing centrepiece for the site.

We needed to capture London from the sky so first of all we flew an eagle across the London skies to capture some amazing aerial footage of the bird flying along the river Thames and landing on top of various buildings. The footage would form part of the site’s intro sequence and also be part of an Eagle Vision trailer and ‘making of’ documentary, which were being made as part of the wider campaign. We also captured aerial footage from a helicopter flying above London, as it proved a lot easier to capture exactly the scenes we required for the website.

Our client, Ubisoft, gave us in-game footage which we stitched together with the current day footage we captured from the skies. The in-game footage, which matched with our helicopter footage, created stunning flyovers of iconic London landmarks, still here today. The aim was to be able to seamlessly switch from real word to in-game and take users back to Victorian London.