Knockbawn Corporate Website


Design, Development, CMS


November 2018


Knockbawn, Villain & Co.


The Brief

We were approached by our good friends Villain & Co. to help out with some design and the development of a new corporate website for the construction firm Knockbawn.

Knockbawn are a large scale groundworks construction specialist and they required a website which reflects their standing as one of the best within their field. The site should feel modern and clean, be responsive and have a simple backend CMS to allow them the ability to add new projects as-and-when they are completed.

The Solution

We were provided with some initial designs by Villain but were asked to develop these into a more robust and responsive solution. Each page should be easy to read with short descriptive pieces of copy and large scale imagery showcasing exactly which services the company provide.

As they are the real interest for potential customers, the projects needed to be highly visible on the homepage, so we decided to place the latest ones prominently, followed by the next most important area of information, the ‘About’ section. For this we created a highly visible pusher block guiding users through the site and on to that section.

The individual Project detail pages were the crucial part of the site for the client, because they are the vital means of showcasing their range of skills and abilities within the construction industry and at the same time highlighting their proven track record in delivering large scale projects. As such we took great care in the design to ensure the template for these pages was simple to follow, positioning all key information prominently and providing an area for strong on-site photographs to speak for the service they provide.

The Services page itself is broken down into key segments, and the copy has been streamlined  to make it simple and easy to digest, accompanied with a simple, indicative on-site photograph. We also built a sub-navigation into the page allowing users to navigate quickly and easily, but also enabling specific links for each section on a single page.

The whole thing is developed on a WordPress backend as a simple and cost-effective CMS solution. The Client’s only needs were to be able to load a lot of visual media and create Projects fairly regularly. We took, however, the opportunity to future proof the site, actually ensuring the majority of the pages and content are controlled via the CMS too, allowing easy updates to all elements in the future.

Although a relatively straightforward project we are extremely happy with the result and, most importantly, so are Knockbawn!