Relic Website Redevelopment

The Brief


Relic Entertainment is one of the worlds leading video game development studios based in Vancouver, Canada. They asked us to completely revamp their old company website and turn it into a slick, one-page scroller, providing information on their games for fans, and information about the company and the city for prospective employees.


The Solution


We wanted to make the initial impression very dramatic and decided the best way to do this was simply use what Relic themselves create… the games! So we cut together a highlight reel from all of their hugely successful titles and ran it as a fullscreen background for the homepage. We also came up with a short, punchy tagline, which represents the studio and its ethos in a succinct way… “Game with us”.

Relic has 3 iconic franchises within which there are numerous iterations of each. We decided that all we needed to represent were the main franchises and list for the users the games within each, thus we were able to keep the text content very lightweight, and easy to consume, focussing on the stunning game artwork.

The guys at relic really wanted to give prospective employees a glimpse into life not only at the studio but also in Vancouver itself. We decided that we should keep the copy short and focus on the studio ethos and values, accenting it with bespoke photography showing what a creative and fun environment the studio is for its employees. We then picked out key attractions and cultural hotspots within the city itself, and created a photo montage aimed at showing just what an amazing place Vancouver is to live and work, completing the picture with some infographics illustrating the city in numbers.

An extremely important focus for Relic was to get across to fans and prospective employees the rich history of the studio and show just how things started, in modest fashion back in 1997, but progressed through key and iconic milestones to become the superpower studio they are today!

With one of the primary objectives being to attract the very best in game development talent, we really needed to include the studios current vacancies. We did this by dynamically pulling in their current vacancies feed, therefore allowing people to scan what positions are available and apply directly.

  • “The newly revamped site which Biff has created for us has completely transformed our web presence into an industry leading one. We couldn’t be happier with the way it has turned out!”

    Alex Price
    Alex PriceDirector, Brands - Relic Entertainment