Stanmore Clinic

The Brief


The Stanmore Clinic brings together some of europe’s finest Orthopaedic Consultants and surgeons to offer the highest level and pioneering treatments to patients. Patients first, always.

We were approached to create a new brand identity for the clinic together with a cutting edge web presence. Both elements needed to reflect in style and approach the medical marketplace whilst appearing clean, fresh, and modern. The website should provide concise, clear information about all of the clinics and treatments they offer, as well as the consultants who provide these services.


The Brand


After numerous rounds of progressive and constructive feedback, revisions, and amendments it was decided that the best approach for the logo was to keep it simple; allowing the typeface to dictate the ‘mood’ of the brand. We chose a modern, sans serif font called Omnes which, whilst being not only clear to read, has a slightly softer edge that we felt, through contrast, complimented the strong ‘SC’ icon; itself created with an eye on physical branding elements such as reception desks and walls.

The Website

Due to the complexity and interconnected nature of the site content, we decided the most appropriate solution for the backend was to go bespoke, using ‘Laravel’ as a basis. This gave us a fast, lightweight solution and provided the client with an easy-to-use CMS to help manage the large amounts of content on the site.

Detailed upload guides were created to enable the staff at Stanmore Clinic to input new content with the minimum of fuss, and basic training was also offered to ensure a smooth handover.

Frontend development was in the Angular 2.0 framework. This enabled us to deliver the slick and modern design spec, and an almost app-like experience for the user.

Consultants and the Orthopaedic Services are the basis of the content structure, and very closely entwined. We created a system where it is possible to ‘attach’ Consultants to the particular Orthopaedic Services they specialise in.

The staff at Stanmore Clinic can add new consultants to the site, each with a detailed biography, relevant contact details, professional memberships, and patient testimonials. They can also add new Orthopaedic Services and within that all of the related treatments and conditions, providing patients with a wealth of information they might require before their visit.

It was of great importance to the client that the site perform just as well on mobile devices as it does on the desktop, something completely in alignment with our very own ethos. We dedicated increased time to streamlining, and creatively developing particular UI elements that are important parts of the user journey across the entire site. We developed custom menus and drop-downs to make the UX just that little bit simpler, meaning patients can navigate with ease. Knowing how effective this has been makes us especially proud.