TechNexion Corporate & Shop

The Brief


TechNexion – a leading player in cutting edge computing systems manufacture – approached Biff New Media to update their corporate website and create a brand new online shop. As part of their digital strategy, and in line with the progressive nature of TechNexion’s core business, the sites must be responsive and forward-thinking.

The corporate site is intended to place an emphasis on the product type and its relationships, and a focus of information on the company themselves, whereas the shop itself is to be used to help drive direct sales through an intuitive and clear design, easily updatable and capable of pushing Featured and Latest Products to the fore.

Lastly, for registered clients, a single login system across the Corporate site, Shop and Forum.

The Solution


Corporate Website

Having reviewed the existing site, Biff proposed an all-new design built on a WordPress backend, with responsiveness always the focal concept, ensuring a future-proofed site capable of standing out among their competitors. The user-friendly interface, and incredible variety of available plugins opened up an infinite number of possibilities to create a unique and beautiful design, but make it simple and straightforward for TechNexion to update and add future content.

TechNexion needed to maintain control over the site and interaction. The single login system was a key part of this. Driven from the Forum, and utilising vBSSO, Biff developed a system to lock down parts of the site only available to registered users. The beauty of vBSSO is the group setting, so certain configurations can be made available to certain groups, easily controlled through WordPress.

At the top of the site TechNexion was to be able to show off their excellent range of products and provide detailed, clear information to all customers, both new and existing. The challenge was to be able to do this, yet still have it easily maintained by TechNexion in the future. Biff decided the Magento shop, with the powerful database sitting behind it, would be the best way of storing all product data, so developed a system whereby certain attributes were pulled only into the Corporate site.


TechNexion is a global business with a global clientele. Biff sourced and configured the AWS infrastructure to host and manage the site for TechNexion. The expandability, load balancing and centralised databasing means the site will always be rapidly available from any location in the world.

  • “Biff have delivered an amazing looking website which has massively exceeded our expectations. To be able to take full control over all site content, and to be able to expand as our business does, has made this a really worthwhile investment. Always bearing in mind the needs of our clients, we now have a user-friendly, informative, interactive central hub to help us move into the next stage of TechNexion and beyond.”

    Marcel van den HeuvelCEO - TechNexion

E-commerce website

The shop was a completely new endeavour for TechNexion. Designed to maintain their corporate identity, in-line with the main site, yet also push their products in all configurations, we recommended the Magento eCommerce platform to fulfil this requirement, and provide a solid base that TechNexion could build on over the years to come.

With standard shop front functionality (buy, filter, compare etc.) Biff configured Magento to share the same login system as the corporate and forum sites, and we were able to fully modify the theme to create an outstanding User experience, and feature the products through the familiar format from the Corporate site, creating a single, unified experience.

  • “We are so proud of our products, and to make them even more readily available to our clients, in such an enticing way, can only mean exciting things for us as our company grows. An online sales platform was integral to our online strategy, and we can’t wait to see how this amazing solution performs.”

    Marcel van den HeuvelCEO - TechNexion