This is Podiatry

The Brief


The College of Podiatry approached us to create a one-page app to promote Podiatry as a whole and to provide a resource of information on how to become a podiatrist.

The Solution


We wanted to create a one-stop-shop for people to find out all about Podiatry. What exactly is Podiatry? What are the career paths and how do I become a Podiatrist? We began by creating a video to clearly and concisely explain what Podiatry is, and made this available at the very start of the site. We also created an area to explain exactly how the College is structured and what they do.

Working closely with filmmaker Jan Letocha, we came up with the idea to create a series of films, which would centre on Podiatry students at the University of Northampton. We felt it was important to show how fun and interesting a career as a podiatrist can be and to put this message across using young people who are actually going through the training process.

Another key message we were asked to get across was the career paths people could take within the world of Podiatry. Again we created a series of videos each covering specific area of Podiatric practice, and we interviewed practicing professionals within each specialty to explain to viewers exactly what they do.

The aim of the site was to encourage young people to consider a career in podiatry, and as such we needed to present information on how and where they can study to become a Podiatrist. We listed all the courses in the country specifically for podiatry and also created videos to explain in more detail the university experience for a training Podiatrist.

  • “Absolutely astonishing job. Love how you’ve constructed this, enticing format supports easy navigation to explore the scope of the profession.”

    Fiona DickensonHead of Podiatry

The site has had an amazing response and we’ve had some incredible feedback from users and industry professional alike…