Tracks for Thomas

The Brief


Create a simple, fun website encouraging Thomas fans to tweet or share to add pieces of track to the map, moving Thomas along his journey to deliver gifts to hospitals around the UK. It should also provide fun activities and games for fans to download, play and engage with and a place to display photos from each event.

The Solution


The main focus of the site was to be the Christmas journey of Thomas and The Fat Controller and interaction should be the most prominent aspect of the site. With this in mind we created a stylized map of the UK using the Mapbox API, on to which we could superimpose a track, which could grow, and pieces be ‘claimed’ as fans shared the site via Facebook and Twitter. The ‘share’ buttons needed to be prominent and clearly visible, with a concise call to action message.

Along side the main focus of the site, the Christmas Journey, we were asked to make the site a fun place to visit by including an ‘Activities’ section in which we would post daily updates of videos, downloads, storybooks and mini-games.

We also created an ‘E-card Generator’ where fans could upload a photo and write a message on their card which they could then download or share on social networks. All creations were submitted to our custom-built ‘moderation’ back-end, so they could be checked before being posted in the site gallery.