UCL Total Hip Replacement Video Guide

The Brief


Filmmaker Jan Letocha gained very privileged access inside the operating theatre during a Total Hip Replacement operation and filmed the entire procedure. University College London wanted to produce a teaching tool for medical students, which would aid them in preparing for their exams.

total hip replacement

The Solution


The most important parts of the site are the videos, and as such we had to make them the absolute focus and subtly present the supplementary information around them. We decided to present the videos in a timeline form as each segment of video was presented chronologically, and we developed an unobtrusive navigation which was accessible at all times and which also acted as an indicator of what part of the procedure you are currently viewing.

Each segment of video has key moments within the total hip replacement procedure, and to highlight these key moments we triggered tooltips as and when they happened, so as the play head reaches each moment the tooltip is automatically triggered.

We created a dedicated section, which can be accessed at all times, which breaks down the detail of the procedure and the key information students will need to know about this particular procedure.

  • “Biff were flexible, adaptive, creative and resourceful, able to offer helpful suggestions to challenges and deliver a project to a very high professional specification. The end result was a world-class training tool to be used by future leaders in hip surgery.”

    Mr Andy GoldbergOrthopaedic Consultant Surgeon & Senior Lecturer
total hip replacement