Watch Dogs 2 Online Ad Campaign

The Brief


Create the entire UK and Ireland online advertising campaign for the latest Watchdogs game – Watchdogs 2. covering the Announcement through to the Launch, the Oliver Heldens music video to the Black Friday promo, covering all social media and video banners. Hacking is our weapon!

The Solution


To announce the game Ubisoft and their media agency Maxus booked a wide ranging specialist display and mobile campaign. The creative had to be designed to accommodate an artwork change at a specific time when the game was to be officially announced, so we made sure the background of the ads could simply be overwritten in the Sizmek platform to avoid the possibility of the ads being (ironically) hacked and the embargoed artwork discovered.

Built in HTML5, we developed rich media and Google display network formats to create an engaging and exciting suite of ads. We even developed a unique mobile design with the Celtra Interscroller, an increasingly popular format whereby the advert is revealed as the viewer scrolls down the page.

Ubisoft formed a partnership with the world-renowned DJ Oliver Heldens for his new song ‘Good Life’ to co-promote the launch of his music video in line with the launch of the game. Biff generated video banners and aided a solid social media presence, increasing online coverage and boosting impressions.

Post-release we were asked to create Black Friday Promo ads for social media. The brief was to create something ‘fun and stand-out’, so through isolating a dancing Marcus (the lead character in the game), we green-screened him to a hacker’s background, cut together a short audio track and included a clear CTA .