WrestleMania XXIX – Match Predictor

The Brief


Create a Facebook application where WWE fans can vote on which Superstar will win a match and in which way they will win. Fans should then be able to see how other people voted, and be able to share their choices on social channels.

The app should be entirely controlled by a CMS so that the client can create new versions of this app and re-skin it for other WWE events throughout the year.

The Solution


The first challenge was that the client required the app in multiple languages, so we had to build the backend to be able to turn on languages as required for each event. We had all the app copy translated into the various languages they would possibly need, in order for them to simply turn on or off each country as required.

The process had to be as simple as possible for the user to cast their vote, and also for them to see the current results for each match. On the first screen we split the matchups by using the 2 colours from that particular event’s branding, and also added a pie chart and percentage for each match to illustrate who fans thought would win each match.

Once the user had clicked on the match they wanted to vote on, they would be presented with the 2 options of the individual or team they can vote for. The current voting results were shown via a pie chart which, if rolled over, displayed the specific voting stats for each mode of victory i.e. Submission, Disqualification etc.

Fans simply clicked on the photo of the superstar they thought would win, and were then presented with the list of possible modes of victory, from which they must choose one to then have their vote registered. They then had the ability to share their vote via Facebook or Twitter, which would encourage further people to come and cast their votes.

Once the event had taken place the app automatically updated so that people could no longer vote, instead each match now displayed the result so that fans could check to see how many people had correctly predicted the result.

Via the custom CMS the client can quickly and easily create new versions of this app, add languages, change artwork, logos and colour schemes, as well as the key feature of adding matches and modes of victory.